A single seater electric helicopter that can travel silently upto 60 mph

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s a long time coming but a wait for the ultimate flying vehicle that is long overdue. Japan’s Hirobo in Hiroshima Perfecture may be introducing their single-passenger helicopter by 2021, which will be used in times of emergencies and disasters, phenomena, Japan alone can comprehend fully. It looks a lot fuller and safer than the GEN H-4 we saw some years ago. This particular aerial vehicle will also come in an unmanned versions which can be used in prompt response situations. By touching speeds of up to 100 kmph, the engine runs on an electric motor for 30 minutes at a time. Another application for the helicopter is rescue, as the motor is silent and increases chances of hearing help pleas.

The legal issues are the reason the launch of this helicopter is stalled. The project costs the company $125 million. Each unmanned version (sans seating) will cost about $125,000 while the single seater will come for $375,000.