A Roomba type tiny robot that cleans your tablet and smartphone screen automatically

by dhiram

What is the key characteristic of a Japanese toy? The cute factor beats the functionality by such a long margin that you must have it. This is exactly the case with the ‘Automee S’ from Takara Tomy. Think of it as a tiny Roomba so small that it actually fits in the palm of a baby’s hand. And what does it do? You guessed it right, it cleans the screen of your tablet or phone automatically. The little one has three tires for maneuvering and two made of paper which do the cleaning. The onboard sensors prevent the Automee S from falling off the edges and also lets it clean the entire surface evenly.

The Automee S will take 4 minutes to clean a smartphone and 8 minutes for a tablet and let off a cute sound once it is done and power off automatically. It measures 67 × 73 × 38mm, weighs 82 grams and is powered by a single AA battery which is good for three hours of cleaning. The Otomi S will go on sale in Japan on March 28 in four colors for 1575 Yen ($ 17) a piece.

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