A Piggy Bank that connects to your iPhone

by dhiram

Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy has announced the Jinseiginkou which is a piggy bank that links to your iPhone. Here is how it works – You start by downloading the application on your iPhone, then you set a monetary goal with a time frame on the application which will then calculate the amount that you need to save daily, weekly or monthly to achieve the goal. It comes preloaded with the popular ones like – marriage, a rock for your sweetheart, college and so forth. The piggy bank works with 500 Yen coins and automatically updates the data on your iPhone when you make a deposit.

Make a pre-mature withdrawal and it will penalize you by adding more money towards the goal. I wonder if the size of the piggy bank matches the goals, as an average wedding costs between 2 – 2.5 million Yen in Japan, that is a lot of 500 Yen coins. The Piggy Bank costs 3990 Yen ($ 50).

[Takara Tomy]