A levitating Orbit washing machine concept for year 2050

by bharat

Year 2050 is 28 years from now but we already have products being made for 2050, Orbit washing machine is one amid the few. The concept washing machine by designer Elie Ahovi has a spherical drum in the center, which using liquid nitrogen cooled superconducting electromagnets levitate the drum in the center of the machine without friction. The drum can carry out an elevated spin efficiently sans any noise and has dry ice blasted at very high pressure to clean clothes stained in dirt, grease etc. without the use of water and soap.

A great self-sustainable washing machine concept, but what makes us ponder is the fact that, will we be using washing machines in 2050? Given the pace with which wearable technology is changing form and disposable clothing becoming a norm, the future we think, will not really need an Orbit.

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