A braille smartwatch that brings text messages to the blind

by Gareth Mankoo

This is pure genius! A South Korean startup has introduced a smartwatch called Dot. This sleek and cool device does more than your swanky LED-display ones do. For starts, it has a tactile face with dots that pop up and move to represent data in braille, as it is updated. The smartwatch makes used of Bluetooth 4.0 to pair up with a smartphone and enable visually challenged readers with e-books, directions and even text messages. This cancels out the need for such readers to have their messages read out loud and keep their communication more private. The face of the watch has four cells, each with six dots. This makes it possible for up to four Braille characters to appear on the screen at a time. The speed of text transition can be set and ranges between 1 hertz to 100 hertz.

A single charge can keep the watch running for a good five days. The Dot watch is expected to retail in the US for under $300 in December. We applaud this innovation.

[Via – Geek]

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