A Basketball that connects to Smartphones

by Sayan Chakravarty

Ever heard of a basketball that can communicate to your smartphone? A company in the US called 94fifty in association with Spalding has come up with a technology which can exactly do that. They have rigged the basketball with sensors (6 to be precise) which communicate to a smartphone through Bluetooth. With the help of an app on the smartphone, the 6 sensors on the basketball feeds data on spin, shot arc, shot speed, dribbling speed, dribbling strength and many more, essentially to improve the your skills.

Using technology to improve sports skills is not new, but it does not come cheap and not widely available. 94fifty’s mission is to bring cost-effective basketball skill analysis technology for the mass market. The app also comes with social features like many challenges and sharing your stats with people around the world using the technology.

The sensors embedded into the ball do not add any additional weight to it and behaves exactly like a standard basketball. The sensors can be charged wirelessly using Qi technology. Though the prices have not been revealed as of yet, it has the potential to become a revolutionary sports-coaching aid.

[Product page via Ohgizmo]