The Neato XV-11 is a sophisticated one machine clean-up crew for your home floor

by Shayne Rana

One handy home appliance that has been making steady progress over the last few years has been the robot vacuum. Manufacturers have been makes this little dust bunny hunters more and more intelligent since the older models that had no more than just a simple sensor. Take this one for example the new Neato XV-11 – All-Floor Laser Guided Robotic Vacuum that uses an RPS Laser Mapping System to create an updatable map of everything in its surroundings i.e. your home. It then proceeds to make its way around obstacles such as furniture etc. by vacuuming around them in as methodical a path as possible.

The pattern it’s designed to follow is by commencing its dirt buster run from the room’s perimeter and then going in a back and forth straight-line pattern. Its high-performance centrifugal compression impeller creates sustained high-powered suction that can remove all kinds of dirt and debris, including pet hair from all flooring surfaces. And of course when it’s running out of juice the little guy just makes it ways to its charging station till it’s ready to start it’s next ‘sweep’ of the surroundings. The Neato XV-11 can also be programmed to vacuum daily or on a custom schedule.
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