Nintendo 3DS to use Hitachi and Sharp parallax barrier system to help us walk and play with 3D characters

by Shayne Rana

With regards to the much awaited Nintendo’s next gen handheld console, the 3DS, word is that Hitachi and Sharp are the masterminds behind the small, you-don’t-need-to-wear-weird-glasses-to-play 3D display on the portable gaming console. It’s going to be a 3.4-inch LCD (480 x 854 pixels) that will be using a parallax barrier system to give users a portable 3D gaming experience. This kind of system creates a ‘sense of depth by using a series of vertical slits in an ordinary LCD to direct light to the right and left eyes.’ It’s possible that the non-touchscreen version could go into mass production even before June of this year. Does that mean the 3DS could be here in 2010? Wowee!

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