Microsoft and NY Times developing News paper reader

by Dhiram Shah

Head honcho of Microsoft Corp Bill Gates at the American Society of Newspaper Editors’ annual meeting said that he’s developing “onscreen reader” software that will make reading news digitally a lot more like flipping through a paper. Gates bought Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., chairman and publisher of The New York Times to give more details on the new service called the Times Reader which Microsoft and NY Times aim to unveil early next year. The stories and pictures will look like pages of newspaper when loaded onto onscreen readers. Users can flip a page with the tap of a stylus or push of a button on the tablet PC instead of scrolling to the bottom of the page. Once downloaded users dont require a live Internet connection to read the paper. Users will be able to do things like scroll through every photo appearing in a given edition, or highlight text and take notes within stories. Sulzberger said Microsoft and the Times are working on a way to have the onscreen reader tell the newspaper how many of its stories get read by each user day by day.

The Times Reader will run on Windows Vista the next version of Windows due next year. Users who dont have Vista can download software to make the onscreen reader work. Though this sounds impressive the cost of service will be more when compared to New York Times subscription.

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