8, the fashion-impaired dress with a fresh supply of oxygen by NYU design student

by Gavril Mankoo

Clean and fresh air can be a rarity in over-crowded metropolitan cities like New York, Hong Kong or even Mumbai for that instance. NYU design student Hana Marie Newman decided to give city dwellers an easier way to breath. This dress might seem like an outfit fit enough to seduce one of the brain-exposed aliens from Mars Attacks and might seem fashion-impaired to some. The very fact that this one makes breathing easier fascinated us though, christened the “8”. Fit enough to fit right into Lady Gaga’s wardrobe of craziness, the dress boasts its own supply of fresh oxygen.

We leave it up to your imagination as to just how you’re going to get around day to day life with a bubble-head. We’d probably need to end up donning stuff like this in the future though, if we continue burning fossil fuels in future.

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