8 Lane Scalextric Racer Track Set, The Mother of them all!

by yogesh

Events House offers their 8 Lane Scalextric track set for party events, corporate team building, promotional events and any other event that you can imagine. Two 8-lane scalextrics tracks are available for hire. A classic BIG 8 track is computer controlled and it will keep records of lap times, race winners and championship points. Although you need to live in UK to hire one of these, I’ll give you the details anyways. Upon hiring, Events House provides you with an 8-lane computer controlled track, race director, PA+ head mic, choice of race styles and full race structure.

You can even upgrade to Events House’s Championship package with Marshals, Room Theme, Music, Podium and champagne for the winner. With the upgrade 2 x race marshals will ensure that your cars get put back on the track Race themed music will be played through the PA system. Checkered flags, cones and racing theme will be provided for your event. A podium and a trophy will be waiting at the finish line. Cool!