75-year-old has world’s fastest private internet connection

by Dhiram Shah

Swedish news site The Local reports that 75-year old Swede’s home has been tricked-out with a record-breaking 40 Gb/s connection – the first time a private residence has tapped into the internet at such high speeds. The lightning fast Internet connection is thanks to the money and her son Peter Löthberg a Swedish optical internet guru working at Cisco. Ma Löthberg’s house was converted into a broadband dog-and-pony act in an effort to promote high-speed fibre connections as a commercially viable platform. With such a connection she can download a DVD in 0.14 seconds and a HD-DVD in 3 seconds.

The secret that stands behind this speed is in new modulation technique. This technique allows data to be transferred to de distances up to 2,000 kilometers directly between only two routers. This does not involve any intermediary transponders which makes the connection even faster.


  1. Afzaal

    Mouth Watering Speed 🙁

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    No shit! this is f*cking kewl.

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