70% iPhones in the world reported to be manufactured in Foxconn’s plant in Zhengzhou, China

by anoop

The Chinese have had a long-standing relationship with Apple, and have forever been flag bearers of the iPhone. Also, given that China plays home to one of the best taskforces on earth, it isn’t surprising when multinationals like Apple choose to manufacture products in this Eastern oriental land. Today, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of China, about 70% of all the iPhones in the world are manufactured in China, at the Foxconn Zhengzhou plant to be precise. iPhones manufactured here are shipped across the continents making the Apple iPhone one of the major export commodities of the Henan province!

With an export value of $2.07 billion, the Foxconn Zhengzhou plant could, as per estimates and predictions, ship a whopping 120 to 150 million Apple iPhone handsets this year, with about 400,000 phones being rolled out each day!