New 70 and 60 inch 4K LCD’s announced for Sharp Aquos UD1 series

by dhiram

Sharp Japan has announced two new models to its Aquos UD1 range of LCD TV’s. The mammoth 70 and 60 inch TV’s will come with a 4K panel supporting a resolution of (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). Sharp will be making use of Moth eye panels which significantly improve the viewing experience by reducing reflections from ambient lighting. Also included are optical control systems which suppress luminance unevenness to deliver uniform screen brightness. Sound is delivered using a 2.1 channel sound system which makes use of a low vibration woofer.

The televisions come with 400 mb of onboard memory for storing audio / video media. The 70 inch LC-70UD1 and the 60 incher LC-60UD1 will go on sale in June 15 and August 10th in Japan for 850,000 Yen ($ 8500) and 750,000 Yen ($ 7500) respectively.


[Via – Impress Watch]

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