5 Cool underwater robots

by Dhiram Shah

Robot lovers in Tokyo were in for a treat as the 2007 Underwater robot convention took off at the Tatsumi International an Olympic sized swimming pool. Around 80 robots were showcased, below is a list of the 5 coolest robots.
No 5 – Robotic Submarine
Modelled to the last detail this little baby has everything except torpedoes. From the remote control you can fill / empty the ballast tanks to make the sub dive or surface, control the speed and directions, and boy does it go fast.

No 4 – Q Diver
It is robots like the Q Diver which unfold the mysteries if the deep sea in the future. This remote controlled device is powered by a battery and has miniature fins which guide the Q to the desired location. In the future we can see similar devices fitted with cameras and robotic arms exploring the depths.

No 3 – Robotic Snake
Developed by the University of Tokyo this 86 cms long robotic snake is completely water proof. It has a built in micro processor for controlling the movement, an altitude sensor and a regulator. It is designed to examine places which are too narrow and dangerous for divers.

No 2 – Robotic Flipper
Here is something unique from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a robotic flipper with hands which cuts through the water doing the popular butterfly style. It can also dive underwater.

No 1 – Robotic Snake – II
This is the same Robotic Snake developed by University of Tokyo but with rubber casing which gives it more speed allowing it to move at an astounding speed of 46cms per second on water which might even put the real snake to shame.

Honorable Mention – USS Enterprise
Darn, not much info on the underwater USS Enterprise, except for this picture for Star Trek fans to gaze at.

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