5 Ways Employees Benefit From Work Time Tracker

by dhiram

Tracking time at work isn’t an unusual practice. The software is widespread across various industries and companies of all sizes. However, once you announce that you want to install a work time tracker in your organization, your employees won’t be happy about it.

Mainly because they fear how employers will use the software only to their own advantage. Luckily, there is a way to ensure they won’t feel that way, and it’s as simple as explaining to them how they will benefit from the time tracking.


Overtime Won’t Go Unnoticed

There’s a high chance your employees complained at least once about the improper payment of their overtime hours. These hours are easily overlooked if you’re not using a work time tracker. The great thing about it is that you can enter the payment rate for overtime as well as for regular work hours, so the software will automatically calculate the payment necessary for every employee.


Telling your employees that they will be paid for every minute of their work is definitely going to help them feel better about tracking their time at work.


Less Questions About Project Updates

The main purpose of the time trackers is tracking time on projects and tasks, therefore you’re able to create these and assign them to different employees. You can assign urgency, due date, and the level of progress to each task. Employees can change the progress as well, so you can see at any point how far they’ve come. 


This also means you’ll be asking less questions about the project development, and that your employees will be able to completely focus on their work.


Optimized Workload

Within the dashboard of your software, you can see how many employees, and who, is working on each project you have. Therefore, you have a clear overview of everyone’s assignments at any time of the day.


When the new project arrives, you can check the dashboard to see which of your employees are available to take it on. This way nobody will be overburdened again, and that’s something all employees want to hear!


More Realistic Deadlines

Having insight into how long each task takes to complete means you’ll have more realistic deadlines for your employees in the future. This doesn’t only rely on how long the task takes, but also on your insight into other obligations employees have.


We’re certain that you’ve found yourself in many situations when employees were requesting deadline push because they weren’t able to make them. 


Slackers Won’t Get Away With It Anymore

Your employees definitely covered for their slacking colleagues in the past. Whether it’s by making excuses for them, or covering their portion of work. With a work time tracker, you’ll know exactly who was working productively and who wasn’t. Therefore, employees won’t need to cover for their slacking coworkers any longer. 


Wrap Up

The fact is that your team members won’t be too excited about the fact that they must use yet another piece of software, especially the one that will track what they’re working on and how. They might be concerned about their privacy, as well as that the data isn’t used as grounds for demotions or layoffs. However, you should schedule a meeting with everyone, announce the tracker and take as much time as necessary to explain to your workers how THEY will benefit from the use of it. Some research has shown that employees don’t have issues with sharing their data, as long as they get something in return. So, there’s your chance. Use it wisely.

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