5 Technology Trends Changing The Self-Storage Industry

by dhiram

The self-storage industry is now at the heart a of rapid transformation. Use of self-storage continues to skyrocket. Around 1 in 11 Americans have a self-storage unit. Demand has caused a fierce rise in competition. This has led to fast paced technological advancement to attract new customers. For an entrepreneur in the industry, the technology trends can create new opportunities. Keep reading about how these five tech trends are revolutionizing the future of the self-storage industry.

Online Storage Booking
The self-storage industry is now defined by quality internet advertising. Customers no longer walk in to the first storage facility they see. Like many things, the customer wants to locate your self-storage on the internet first. To succeed here, your company should have an up-to-date website with a working SSL certificate. It should be possible for customers to shop for and rent a unit here. You should also make sure internet reviews of your facility are positive and that you’re well rated by third party sites. Competition in the industry now begins online. Make sure you have the tools to compete there.

Reprogrammable Electronic Locks
Electronic locks are a great advancement for security and efficiency. With electronic keypad locks, you can secure all the units in your facility at all times. When a customer rents one, you assign him a combination and program it into the lock. When that renter leaves, the lock can be reprogrammed. As a result, you and your employees never have to worry about keys. Electronic locks are also harder to break into. Electronics locks remove the maintenance hassle and security concerns from your business.

Self-Storage Mobile Apps
A major advancement for self-storage has been service mobile apps. These apps allow renters to learn about the condition of their unit with a few taps. The most advanced examples even give the renter access to security camera footage. This provides increase security and peace of mind to customers.In the future, we can expect that many potential customers won’t consider a self-storage option without these sorts of tools. You should invest in good app development to support your real-world services.

Full Scale Automation
Self-storage facilities will no longer need round the clock staff with a full scale automation implementation. After all, this Australian university has invested in an automated storage system. Between electronic locks, internet control, and mobile capability; your self-storage facility can manage itself. In the future, the client arrives and rents a unit with a mobile kiosk. The kiosk then programs the electronic lock with the customer’s passcode. The customer is then admitted into the facility and follows signs to his unit. There’s no need for human interaction at all. Best of all, you save money by not paying a manger. Even complex tasks like driver license verification can now be done automatically. With the rise of automation trends, your business can cut costs while it becomes more efficient.

Valet Or Full Service Solutions
Many self-storage facilities now offer full service to their customers. According to CEO Terry Drayton of Livible.com, “The advancements in technology enabled logistics make it possible to create new customer experiences.” Storage facilities are picking up the customer’s items and taking them to a storage facility elsewhere. This trend makes sense for facilities in expensive cities. If your company is in an industrial part of town, rent and the moving costs are probably on par with the costs of renting a unit in the city center. As a result, you can offer this service for the same cost as a more expensive facility closer to the customer. If you are in this sort of area this can be a great way to increase customers. Most customers are happy to get moving and storage for the same price just storage.

These trends have produced a more dynamic and efficient industry that will continue to create new customer experiences. Easy sign ups and bookings make it seamless for someone to buy self storage space right from their computer or phones. On premise, electronic locks help improve security and maintenance while lowering costs. Mobile apps allow customers to manage their items and even see their storage unit live. Moving forward, full scale automation would allow for storage facilities to be completely unmanned. Additionally, full service storage trends leverage technology to bring affordable rates to customers in major cities, offering a unique experience. These technology trends will continue to push the self-storage forward, creating more cost effective, accessible and convenient solutions for customers.

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