5 of the best new online games

by dhiram

Playing games online is a hugely popular form of entertainment all over the globe – whether gamers choose to play on their PC, or on a console of their choice. And with a range of genres to choose from, like puzzles, shooter, and adventure games, there is something for everyone – even if you just want to play online bingo – there is a game for you! Here are 5 new games to play online, that have been released in the last couple of months.

1. Halo Infinite
The latest installment of the Halo franchise was released in November 2022. It’s available to play on all your favorite platforms and consoles, like PC and Xbox. If you’re familiar with the other Halo games in the series, you’ll have a good idea of what it’s all about. 343 Industries have developed this game to feature all the classic traits of a shooter game, like positioning and skill-based play. But don’t worry, there are more modern touches too like new tools and mechanics. You can play this game across a multitude of platforms, either on your own or with your friends. Halo is a well-known name all over the globe, so if you’re yet to give it a go, why not delve into all that it has to offer this year, across a multitude of platforms, for endless entertainment?

2. Overwatch 2
A little different from Halo Infinite, Overwatch 2 was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released last month. It’s available to play on pretty much every gaming platform you can think of, like PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox. Although it is a sequel, you can give this a go without having to worry that you’ve missed anything – you can meet all the characters from the first game, as they remain unchanged. There are more modes and maps in this game, and if you like getting stuck into tactics, this could be the one for you. Playing in teams of 5, you can experience some of the most exciting activities within the strategy genre.

3. Modern Warfare 2
You might be thinking – modern warfare 2…that’s not new! Developed by Infinity Ward, this game has been reimagined for a new experience and was released at the end of October. Gamers are set to experience the features that they all know and love when it comes to all that Call Of Duty has to offer but in a more modern and updated way. The multiplayer option allows you to play with up to 64 other gamers for immersive action that is never boring! If you’re a Call of Duty fan, you won’t be disappointed with this game – yes, it is more of the same, but in the best way.

4. Gotham Knights
You may be able to tell by the name, this game is set in the city that Batman fans all know and love – but unfortunately, he’s nowhere to be seen in WB Games’ latest development. Released in October 2022, this game features four vigilantes that are trying to keep Gotham afloat after the disappearance of Batman. You’ll play this game as one of the four characters and be responsible for safety in the city. You can choose different outfits and gear set-ups, and you can play on your own, or as a two-player team. If you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero – Gotham Knights is as close as you’re going to get.

5. Return to Monkey Island
If you’re looking for a game that’s full of adventure, and that can transport you to another world, Return to Monkey Island, developed by Terrible Toybox could be worth an exploration! You can play this game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Microsoft, and PlayStation – so plenty of ways to navigate this new world. A point-and-click adventure game, Return to Monkey Island requires players to solve puzzles to move forwards. You’ll also have to collect items to help you throughout the game. If you’re looking for an adventure without having to leave the house, you’ll love this immersive, colourful game.