42 inches tall iTower Ipod Speaker System

by Dhiram Shah

There are tons of speakers available for the iPod but none can come close to the iTower Speaker system. It is 42 inches tall and 9 inches wide which leaves others in it’s shadow. With it’s metallic finish it looks sleek and solid. The iPod gracefully sits on top the iTower. Just below the iPod’s cradle are 4 aluminium cone speakers with a sub woofer built in the base. There is also a 18 inch retractable ZipConnect cable to hook to the iPod’s docking station. There are a variety of cables bundled which allow you to use every kind of iPod. It is not made specially for the iPod you can use a standard audio cable and connect any MP3 player. Last but not the least it also includes a wireless remote.

The iTower retails for $199.95 at the Sharper Image, but if you choose to buy more then one, then each additional speaker costs $99.95. Source – Chip Chick


  1. mike

    were can i buy a itower

  2. tunde

    i need more information on the ipod speaker

  3. Diego

    Can I use my iphone with the itower?


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