$40 battery booster by Mophie comes in keychain-size

by Gareth Mankoo

Mophie has announced the arrival of the Juice Pack Reserve Micro cellphone battery booster. The pack is small, as in, small enough to conveniently fit into your denim pocket or that unused coin pocket in your backpack. Why, you can also make it double up as a keychain, for all you know. This helpful accessory charges microUSB devices. The charger can be charged via its secondary USB 2.0 plug and manages to store 1000mAh. It’s a good carry along to official meetings where you want to avoid rummaging through clutter and your phone just seems to give up on you, all the time.

So there, you have compactness, efficiency and utility, neatly packed in the Juice Pack Reserve Micro’s $40 being. Quite efficient if you ask me. And it’s sleek too.


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