4 Amazing Hair Gadgets You’ll Actually Use

by dhiram

There are certainly a few weird hair gadgets out there, but these are just the ones that give ‘hair gadgets’ a bad name! Whether it’s to fight frizz, remove dandruff, get better curls, dry your hair in record time, or achieve perfectly straight hair, you can bet that there’s a fab hair gadget for you.

We all want fantastic hair but generally don’t feel like much effort to get it! Thankfully, there are many useful little gadgets that can help save the day. All of these are perfect to use for a wedding, date night, or even a job interview. See which of the following tools could revolutionize your hair.

Hair dryer + brush

In a morning rush and have no time to dry your hair and brush it? This 2-in-1 hair dryer brush might just be your savior. Although it can be used to lessen frizz on hair that’s already dry, the gadget works great at drying wet hair while increasing volume and reducing tangles at the same time. There are also three different heat and speed settings, which means you can have the styling versatility you desire. If that wasn’t enough, the gadget is apparently manufactured using an ION generator, and even though we have no idea what that means, it sounds awesome.

Automatic curling iron

Love having wavy, curly hair but aren’t satisfied with the results you’re getting from your current curling iron? Find out if this automatic curling iron is the gadget you’ve wished for all along. You simply grab the hair strand and place it in the device’s rotor, then the machine will simply do the rest, leaving you with easy, curly hair. It’s said to heat up very fast and leave a lasting finish, which means your hair won’t be flat again by lunchtime.

Furthermore, the automated ‘shut off’ feature is a winner, for all those people who freak out thinking they left the curling iron still switched on when leaving the house. Oh, and if you’re worried about hair becoming tangled, then the curling iron will “beep continuously” and you can go about untangling your hair from the rotor – so that’s reassuring.

Hair straightener

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are thousands of people with curly hair who simply wish that it would stay straight! For the ladies out there desiring a great hairdo for a job interview or first day at the office, there are many professional hairstyles for women that would benefit from the use of an innovative hair straightener. This straightening gadget uses steam vents to help evaporate water from wet hair, which means you can jump out of the shower and flatten your locks in barely any time. It’s reportedly got 30 temperature settings (can never have enough) and also the automated ‘shut off’ feature that’s trending right now.

Shampoo brush

Battling dandruff is no one’s idea of a good time, but to help you win the fight is the shampoo brush. With gentle, silicone bristles and an ergonomic fit, this is a pretty cool item that helps massage the shampoo into the top of the hair while stimulating blood flow – resulting in a perfect exfoliated and clean scalp. As well, it simply feels nice and also helps to protect your nails when rubbing in shampoo into the scalp.

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