3D sticky notes that fold up like origami to hide the written message

by bharat

There can be times when you wish the message on a sticky note is kept secret. Now, with some origami tricks and fineness of the 3D sticky notes, you may just have your wish granted. Showcased at the Phil Booth Design in ISOT (International Stationery Paper Products Exhibition, Asia’s largest exhibition of all stationery and paper products) were 3D sticky notes that shaped like flowers and birds caught the eye of all visitors. These 3D sticky notes made from tear resistant paper are like any other sticky notes, they have glue on one end to stick to any surface, but there’s a subtle catch here. You can write a private message on these notes and then fold them like origami in shapes of plants, birds, flowers or whatever you like in whichever color you like. The 3D sticky notes on the back of the fold also have a column to write an address, which means the notes can also be sent in post.

The 3D sticky notes scheduled to be made available sometime in September in Japan for a price of 460 yen (about $6), were exhibited with a stationery kit including a stapler, scissors, cutter, ruler, mat tape, mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen.


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