McDonald’s is considering to 3D print happy meal toys as per choice

by Sayan Chakravarty

If things go according to plan, soon geeks will beat small kids to the queue to pick up McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Surprised? McDonalds is considering using 3D printer in the outlets to print their infamous happy meal toys. According to McDonald’s IT Director Mark Fabes, ‘using 3D printers on-site would allow staff to print the toy of the child’s choice, should the kid not like the toy McDonalds is offering at the time.’ But apart from cost effectiveness, there are a few issues which are being looked into by the fast food joint to safely use 3D printing commercially and using plastic smelting machines would be appropriate for use in food outlets is one of them.

Fabes also said that ‘it’s just a thought’ and even if things are sorted out in favor of the technology being used commercially, it will take a while for the first 3D printer to arrive at McDonalds. From 3D printed handguns to sitcoms featuring the technology, 3D printing has made a lot of news this year being a clear favorite of tech writers. It will be absolutely amazing to walk into a McDonald’s outlet and watch a 3D printer do its magic and print a small collectible.

[Via – Theregister]