3D printed gummy candy printer is the world’s first

by Gareth Mankoo

As if treating kids to delicious gummy bears wasn’t enough. The Magic Candy Factory arrives as the world’s first to 3D print the candy. This means that the young can now demand for more than just bears and have the result ready before them before they could fluently pronounce ‘cartridge’. The printer debuted at the Katjes Café Café Grun-Ohr in Berlin. The gelatin mixtures are extracted from vegetable-based gelling agents and all-natural vegetable and fruit extracts. This ensures that the ingredients are not as harmful as similar products that roll in from bigger brands.

The idea of cutom-printed candy is brilliant. It could be compared to something from the Willy Wonka fantasy or may be even one that is inspired by the Hansel and Gretel story. A key takeaway from the becoming of the Magic Candy Factory is its ability to create sweets without risking health hazards and artificial agents that flood the present marketplace. Kudos for that!

[ Via : Designtaxi]