3 Megapixel keychain camera with video

by Dhiram Shah

This is perhaps one of the smallest digital cameras around, it is small enough to fit on a keychain and operates as a still, video, and PC camera, its fixed focus lends providing up to 2560 x 2048 resolution in still mode, 320 x 240 frame rate for up to 100 seconds of footage in video mode, and 640 x 480 resolution for PC mode. The cameras viewfinder slides out of its integral case and includes an easy to read LCD. It has 8 MB of synchronous dynamic random access memory and an SD card slot is included for additional storage. It connects to the host via USB 2.0.

The camera is powered by a AAA battery and measures 1 1/2″ H x 2 1/2″ W x 3/4″ D. (1/2 oz.). The camera is available for only $69.

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