3 Tips for Nailing Your IT Interview via Webcam

by dhiram

More companies than ever are taking advantage of interviews through videoconferencing. This is a great alternative to flying candidates across the state or country to meet in-person as it saves the company money while saving the interviewee time. While videoconferencing might be convenient, it’s not always easier. Fortunately, there are a few things candidates can do to make the interview easier. Here are three steps you should take before your next IT interview to nail your video call.

Create a Professional Interview Space
You don’t have to rent out an office area before the interview to make sure you’re in a professional setting, but you should be aware of your surroundings to give the best possible appearance. Try to avoid sitting at your dining room table where your potential bosses can see the kitchen behind you (and the dirty dishes you never washed). Instead, try to find a place with a neutral wall so the focus is on you.

You also want to make sure the space is quiet. This means you shouldn’t have screaming kids, barking dogs, or curious cats making cameos on camera. If you’re worried about finding a space for your interview, call your local library. They might have rooms you can check out for a quiet place that looks professional.

Run Through Practice Interview Questions
Modern employers aren’t going to reread your resume and ask you questions about it. They’ve already seen your resume and want to get to know you. Before the interview starts, familiarize yourself with industry trends and research news about the company with whom you’re interviewing. This way, you can address topics they care about and prove that you know what you’re getting into.

You can read over and test yourself on plenty of IT interview questions online. These will also prepare you, so you sound eloquent through the web connection.

Conduct Audio/Visual Dry Runs
Few things cause interviewees to panic more than a bad connection. Does your audio work both ways? Does your video work? Struggling to connect to the line can throw you off your game (at best) and make you look completely unprepared and unprofessional (at worst). To prevent this, plan a few dry runs with the technology. If you’re calling through Skype, ask a friend to test call you so you can practice answering and troubleshooting problems. This way, the technology won’t be unfamiliar when the real call comes through.

As you’re on your test calls, ask your friends about the sound quality. If you sound muffled or farther away, you may need to borrow a different computer for the call. A bad connection can frustrate employers and make them miss important information that you’re sharing.

Getting the actual interview is often the hardest part. However, there is good news: You already have your foot in the door. They were already interested in you enough to want to meet you via webcam. So, take a deep breath and knock out your IT interview with confidence.

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