3 reasons why you should blog in 2018

by Aayushi Kothari

Every dinner party I have attended in recent times has led to a conversation about blogging. From a mere passion, the concept of blogging has transformed into a business, and more so a trend that has garnered attention over the past few years.

Personally, I feel the frenzy of blogging has picked up in 2018 with stories of people making millions of dollars, and allowing them to live a life of true freedom, with the ability to work from anywhere in the world. With potential revenue streams of over $100,000 per month, the business of blogging is rather alluring.

We’ve put together a detailed guide to setting up your own site.

#3 Self-enhancement and development
The 21st century, often known as the technological era voices opinions, provides a creative outlet and most importantly, tolerates expression. A powerful sensation overcomes an individual when they are able to communicate and convey the ideas and thoughts.

#2 A networking tool
With curating quality content, and driving quality targeted traffic, blogging attracts an audience. It’s a PR machine. We’ve dedicated decades to radio and TV; but now it’s all about the internet age. You have the ability to capture an audience of over a billion people with the correct value addition.

#1 A potential revenue stream
Bloggers with over 1 million followers on Instagram or Twitter are paid sizeable sums of money for each post. Even small or mid-sized bloggers with substantially less followers are targeted by local companies to wear or promote their product. Interestingly so, companies have integrated the concept of social media and blogging in their marketing campaign given the recent trend.

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