2013 will dawn the end of the Cassette players and recorders from Sony

by Gareth Mankoo

I remember the first time I took a pencil and marveled at my own dexterity as I rotated the spindle of the cassette in order to hear a song a gain. The rewind button on the player was jammed and hence the manual effort. However, this seems to be an error long passed before our very eyes. In the age when vinyl takes a new life and magnetic discs are the way forward, the classic cassette just doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Just why Sony have declared that they will be stopping the production of their trademark Cassette Player/Recorder offerings. The TCM-410, TCM-400 and TCM-450 will be discontinued from next year.

I recommend you go and pick one up now. Never know how much they would cost in the age of your grandchildren. Make sure you oil it and maintain it regularly.


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