18,000 pieces and 8 months later a stud-free LEGO USS Enterprise is born

by Gareth Mankoo

Patience is a virtue that isn’t easily possessed and nurtured by geeks. Which is why they seem to obsess over what they do, no matter how long it would take, because getting it done is what matters after all. Thankfully, Chris Melby put in most of his last eight months in building a brilliant 18,000 piece USS Enterprise model, from Star Trek. To make it look as sleek as it does in the pictures here, he resolved to build the model with stud-free bricks. Measuring five feet in length, the ship employs pieces from the Star Wars planet set to create the blue warp nacelle energy cells.

lego-uss-enterprise-2Now one may wonder, what could the apparent reason of using stud-less bricks be? Well, pranksters for once wouldn’t have their LOTR figurines nestled over this beauty. Think about the chaos that could ensue over a chaotic clash of such universes. Some folks may argue that this is the NuTrek Enterprise (Trek 90210), but hey, who’s sweating out details at this point?





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