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16GB iPhone with 3G coming says T-Mobile Germany Ad

by Dhiram Shah

This dubious advert (suspected to be from T-Mobile Germany) doing the rounds claims that the16GB iPhone with 3G support (HSDPA and UMTS), will be available in Germany by 12th November 2007. The ad also stipulates possible download speeds of 3.6Mbps and a $687 price tag. It furthermore states that on purchase of the phone you would get an iTunes voucher, plus various call plans will be on offer. Even unlimited data plans will apparently make their way into Germany. The call plans will range from $69-$96/month, with more inclusive minutes and text messages being the reason for the price gap.

Although European carriers have not been formally announced, the Financial Times unofficially listed T-Mobile as the selected carrier for the device within Germany. As usual we will have to wait and watch for the official announcements.

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  1. 16 GB iPhone Coming Nov 11?

    My guess is no, but there’s a “leaked” T-Mobile Germany document that shows it. And it looks like a bad photoshop to me, as if someone turned the quality knob for jpeg compression all the way down. I’m not going…


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