13-foot tall Lego Death Star tops LEGO tribute with 500k bricks

by Gareth Mankoo

This epic goliath LEGO structure may intimidate you and why not, it’s a Death Star that’s built brick by brick to perfection. Legoland n California played host to the giant LEGO Death Star, which stands 13 feet tall and measures just under a ton. What made this come about is the fact that it took 500,000 bricks (yes, that’s half a million) to make. It goes without saying that the 1,900 pound ‘structure’ needed a crane to hoist it up to its pedestal. When you come to think of it this giant took up more than 130 LEGO Death Star sets to be created, this given that many buyers found those 3,800-piece strong sets quite a handful to deal with.

Legoland has always been a treat for fanboys who can come across other bricked tributes including the Mos Eisley Cantina, the Theed Palace, Endor and Hoth. Word is that the Death Star still isn’t complete and is expected to receive finishing touches only on March 5th. That’s when you could stroll casually to its side and grab a selfie of a lifetime.

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