12,000 page bill for 662,000 text messages by iPhone user

by shilpa

In psychology they have a big shot term but for the layman it is called attention seeking. People do just about anything for a little bit of fame. That is apparently what this man has done and posted n YouTube for the world to see. He claims that he sent 662,000 text messages on day through his iPhone. Yes, he is probably the most jobless, loser on earth. And obviously, he got a kick ass bill for it – something that spans a whole of 12,000 pages!! Can you imagine that? 12,000 pages of records of a bill!! How on earth is that possible!? It’s sad enough that half our trees have disappeared thanks to all the paper work we have been doing the past century, but to get bills for lame, jobless antics is just disgusting. There has to be laws that imprison these people and send them on a five year sentence to some remote island where they will learn the importance of living a life and not some virtual escapade. Seems these calculations may also be wrong as the guy maybe just faking the whole thing. Typical really.

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