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1000100101 Watch from TokyoFlash

by Dhiram Shah

Man and his machine have a unique bond. I mean the more complicated the machine is the more attracted the men are to it. Take a look at the 1000100101 Watch from TokyoFlash. It’s an interesting watch, cause the time is read with the help of the LED lights. No points for guessing that the watch is called ‘1000100101′ because it’s the binary code for binary LED watch. A typically 60’s feel to this watch makes it more appealing, as it is made with a brushed metal face and leather strap with a carbon fiber style coating. It uses 31 green, yellow and red LEDs to display the time, date and day of the week and an auto light up function every quarter of an hour between 6pm and midnight.

The time telling instructions are: Telling the time uses the colored LED’s to represent hours & minutes. By looking at the 4 rows of lights, the Green & Red LED’s at the top indicate the hour simply by counting them. 3 red = 3 o’clock. The Bottom rows of green & yellow LED’s indicate the minutes. 2 Green + 7 yellow = 27 minutes past. It’s the same for the date mode to indicate month & date. The day is shown on the very top row of holes where the markings M, T, W show the day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc). Now you know what I mean when I say “complicated”? The 1000100101 Watch is for 9800 Yen ($83).
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  1. Jimmy

    Dar Admin,
    Can you please advise me how can I contact tokyoflash directly.
    I had tried the website but there is no link for me the contact them.
    Please advice.
    Jimmy Lee


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