10 Must have Android Apps for Business

by roshan

Getting down to the business and organizing it at all times is a daunting task where size of the business does not matter much. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an established one, there would have been situations wherein you would have felt ‘Ah! I could have done better had I had the right tools!” There are plenty of powerful, useful and sensational business tools available in the form of Android apps that can be unleashed from your Smartphone. Following are the 10 Android apps that should be installed on the smart phone of entrepreneurs who wish to manage the show even while on go.

10. Google Voice
This is a great app that works wonders for busy people who would be traveling a lot. Google Voice assigns one single number to a user but connects his/her mobile, office and house landline numbers. Voicemails are stored for longer durations as against the limited periods offered by the mobile network carriers. This tool also transcribes the voice message to texts. This is a free app that can be linked with Gmail account and offers cheap international calls.

9. Pageonce Pro
Track and manage your finances even while on move. By linking your bank accounts and credit cards with this app, you can have a consolidated view of your transactions, payments and receipts. This app can send you alerts which can remind you about important transactions that you must complete.

8. MobileBiz Pro
You are a owner of small business and traveling currently. One of your customers demands for an invoice immediately and you too wish to get your money as quickly as possible. MobileBiz Pro app comes handy as it can support in raising invoices through mobile phone.

7. GDocs
This is a free app that connects you to Google Docs but the editing capabilities are limited text documents while spreadsheets and PDF files can be seen in view only mode. If you want power of editing any document you have to download paid apps like Documents To Go.

6. Cab4me
Another must-have app for busy businesspersons who have to catch up with a client out of their hometown and to close an important deal! Use this app to call a taxi with lightning speed by just tabbing the ‘quick mode’ button. You can also call for a taxi by way of calling the company.

5. Meebo
Meebo app adds the power of signing into many instant messaging services with single login. A Meebo account helps you in storing all the chats done by you and your Twitter account too can be added to Meebo profile. This app can help you better to stay in touch with family, friends or clients who usually contact your from their favorite IM service.

4. Scatterslides
This paid app helps as a remote control for your Powerpoint presentations. Presentations can be streamed via Wi-Fi for larger audience.

3. ServerUp
You can encourage your IT Managers to have this app installed on their smart phones so that they can manage the IT networks remotes and efficiently even while on move.

2. Evernote
This free app acts like an event-cum-calendar manager and keeps track of your busy schedules.

1. ScanBizCards
A good app to streamline the business cards on your smartphone. It can read the text from the scanned biz cards and lists the cards as per your search phrase/word.

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