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Zeuzo, a rouge sells his Warcraft account for $9,500

by Dhiram Shah

There a millions of ways to spend €7000 (or $9,500) but the wisest wouldn’t be on someone else’s Warcraft account. Apparently Zeuzo, a rogue from Method on Sylvanas-EU has sold his count for the above-mentioned sum to a bloke named pseudo-named Saks. Zeuzo’s gear includes the legendary sword set Twin Blades of Azzinoth, 4/5 Tier 6, and many other Hyjal/BT loots. Many would assume that Zeuzo’s actions are a blemish on his rep, but it seems that he has moved on to playing a brand new rogue in Method.

Shaks’ profile hasn’t been updated since September 3rd one can assume that Blizzard may have banned the account after all. It may as well turn out money down the drain for him, while Zeuzo is taking a relaxing spa bath someplace!

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