Your phone can now track direction of gunfire

by Gareth Mankoo

Your smartphone is your PA, receptionist, lying buddy, gaming rig, bank concierge porn-feed and sometimes, even your ruddy torch. So how about extending its use to now be something a little more physically capable? A team of computer engineers from Vanderbilt University’s Institute of Software Integrated Systems has put its best together and rolled out an inexpensive hardware module that can help Android phones into a simple shooter location system. The team detailed the working of the system at the 12th Association for Computing Machinery/Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks in Philadelphia, which was held this month..The Department of Defense has put in enough effort to develop systems that could detect and trace approaching fire. The detection takes place in phases, which progressively feed the systems that generally detect the direction of a shot, thanks to an array of sensitive microphones, a precise clock and an off-the-shelf microprocessor to detect these signatures that display the exact direction of the shot.

“It would be very valuable for dignitary protection,” said Kenneth Pence, a retired SWAT officer and associate professor of the practice of engineering management who participated in the project. “I’d also love to see a version developed for police squad cars.”

[Via – Phys]

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