Yoto V200 straight from the Middle Kingdom

by Dhiram Shah

Chinese makers Yoto have brought forth the V200 music player that raises many eyebrows. Brilliant features adorn the phone and highlight the brilliance of the lesser know brands that actually have a potential of making it big in the international market. It comes with a brilliant 2.4 inch QVGA display screen, hopefully that’s big enough to give you a good view of the tags and play lists without too much eyestrain and scrolling. Another fascinating aspect of the player is that it provides a good 1GB space and also is scalable to 2GB. If you still find this “less” then the V200 offers a microSD slot to pump in some more data.

And finally, the biggest surprise from this Chinese chick. $50, yes, that’s actually the price of the Yoto V200. Cheap, isn’t it? Something a college kid would vie for. But then, availability may be an issue given its origins.

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