Yamaha PAS Hybrid bicycle

by Dhiram Shah

Yamaha is making life easier! Not only is riding a bicycle good for improving physical fitness, it’s also an environmentally friendly way of getting around. The only downside of riding a bicycle is that hills, headwinds and longer journeys can sometimes be quite demanding. But Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is all set to sell 2007 model of electromotive hybrid bicycle “PAS” series. At the heart of the system is a small electric motor powered by a compact, rechargeable lithium battery. By continuously monitoring the pedal force and speed through special sensors, a controller which incorporates a computer calculates how much extra power to feed to the rear wheel. In all situations when this newest Yamaha is being cycled up a hill, carrying a heavy load or going into a headwind or just when riding a regular flat road, the PAS will automatically assist the rider, making pedaling so much easier.

With this system, you can travel up to maximum 104km as opposed to the previous model which could only accelerate to 95km. Moreover the light is automatically emitted when it gets dark. The bicycle is available in 6 different categories with respect to various sizes and battery capacities ranging from 76,800 Yen ($800) to 119,800 ($990) from the month of February in Japan.

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