WOW stealing thunder from online porn

by Shayne Rana

In, what I can only consider to be a hilarious turn of events, a report was recently out blaming online gaming, particularly WOW (World of Warcraft), to be the reason for a lull in the porn industry. One industry insider actually pointed out that both porn and online gaming are both forms of entertainment that appeal to similar crowds. Ron Jeremy, one of the biggest names in the biz, who also happens to hate the internet, also stated in an interview that the only people in his industry that are able to make any decent money are those who specialize in novelties and not actual videos. Obviously you can’t download a sex toy but videos are in plentiful, so he’s right, why pay for something that can be viewed for free.

But for an industry that makes more money that almost all others, could this really be that big a deal? I hope not. So what does one do, on one hand you have an awesome fully virtual, interactive world, an escape from reality, with WOW and on the other hand there’s acres of online porn… decisions, decisions. Do you think the president has such hard decisions to make?
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