World’s biggest Lego model is a full-scale X-Wing Fighter

by Gareth Mankoo

So if we were to pick all those colossal Lego creations and pick the grandest of them all, which one would it be? This byte helped us identify our favorite. A giant, full-scale Lego tribute to the X-Wing Fighter showed up at Times Square. It does hold the accolade of being the largest Lego model ever, unless of course we are unaware about something created in some geeks secret hideaway that was never discovered. The model here was built by Lego, using 5,335,200 bricks. Being a full-scale model surely implies that it can accommodate pilots too! The model bears solid credibility as the most die-hard scale model to grace the States. The model is 11-feet-tall, 43-feet-long, with a 44-foot wingspan and weighs about 46,000 pounds. If that’s not a number big enough then how about the 17,000 person-hours spent to make this gigantic monster a reality.

Lego has created this model to commemorate the launch of a three-part Lego Star Wars animated series. Cartoon Network will be airing the show on May 29th. It will be know to all men as ‘The Yoda Chronicles’. The model is placed at Times Square.






[Via – Technabob]

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