Withings Aura Smart Sleep System, because sleep cannot be taken lightly

by Gareth Mankoo

As the product site says, day time is nothing but a period between two nights. It goes without sayig that crappy nights lead to crappy days. So, when we look at innovative devices such as the Withings Aura Smart Sleep System, we are compelled to make a mental note of investing in one of these when middle age crisis take charge. The devise records your sleep environment, which comprises of noise pollution, room temperature and light levels and provides scientifically-validated light and sound programs. The application lets you visualize your sleep cycles, compare sleep patterns across nights and understand what wakes you up.

All of this, stuffed into a mobile app makes monitoring very convenient. You can control wake-up and fall-asleep programs at your convenience. All this is bound to make your next day one that you look forward to! Sleep is of essence in this day and age and with the Aura around, well, you’re catching up on a long lost trend!



[Withings Via Journaldugeek]

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