Wilson unveils smartphone-application-enabled smart basketball

by Gavril Mankoo

The game of basketball is now more than hoops and wood-paneled courts. Giving the sport an added dash of technology, sports goods manufacturing giant Wilson has unleashed an extremely smart basketball that hooks up to a dedicated smartphone application! The ball features performance-tracking sensors inside its core and will enable players to connect it with a smartphone app to use for tracking in-game data. The smart basketball is capable of tracking running distance, speed, heat maps, shooting accuracy through make or miss detection technology, automated shot recognition and shot distances.

This intelligent technology-packed basketball was developed by Wilson in a collaboration with AI company sportIQ. The ball shows a lot of promise given that it makes data collection from the game an easier affair, without requiring match analysts, players and coaches to sit in front of a screen and watch reruns and replays of the match. That said, the fact that this basketball connects to a smartphone and transmits data without so much of a hiccup, makes it quite practical and ready-to-use. A basketball as such that can help advice players and teams on simple ways to improve their gameplay could soon attract major league teams and tournaments to consider its use. Wilson will release this basketball towards the end of 2014.

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