Why Wrike is the best solution for marketers

by Dhiram Shah

Wrike’s online project management software was built around the notion that everything rotates around singular tasks. Tasks almost have to be looked at as mini projects because that is where everything happens. You can perform a lot of activities on folders too, however teaming up and sharing will happen specifically at the individual task level, which is the place Wrike feels generally common. Wrike claims their success comes from a focus on easy collaboration and efficient project management. In view of that, the individuals who have fewer tasks and undertakings with more time at hand will most likely discover Wrike more easy to use than the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to split tasks up. All of the core features that Wrike brings to the table are built into tasks. Within task management, you will find collaboration, email integration, and file management capabilities. By creating a digital space for status updates on projects, resource allocation, and group communication, Wrike is forging ahead on a mission to re-think productivity.

Wrike makes it possible to meet individuals that share the same vision as you and work together, with dividing individual tasks and watching the progress along the way.

It is the best solution for marketers as you’d get real-time results of what the team is working on. Coordinating across a team of different individuals around the globe is a tough task but with Wrike in action, one can do this with ease. Marketers can manage team progress using reports or Workload View. Campaigns can be created, which can be edited in real-time, with commenting options making work a lot easier. With Wrike makes managing events and meeting deadlines is easy. Get plans out of your head so you don’t lose track. For your next campaign, duplicate the template and you’re ready to go – Wrike is there for everything you need.

Wrike takes things to another level. Keeping track of every detail and every task to ensure all elements are in place on launch day is a challenge; Wrike enables you to do it more accurately, thereby decreasing your costs. Wrike offers users to keep track of how long projects take, down to the number of minutes per task and sub-task.

Wrike listens to you. If the user has some suggestion to make the platform, Wrike is listening. Each user is given a number of votes that they can cast, so the community takes an active role is voicing what is most important to them. Providing feedback and input on tasks is an important aspect of successful project management. With Wrike’s desktop notification system, whenever someone leaves a comment in a task or assigns a new task, users associated with the task are alerted by a small pop-up message in the corner of their desktop. This helps your team to never miss an update and to be current on the progress of their work.

Wrike’s time tracking software for project management is very fairly priced, given the amount of features and utilities it offers. Wrike takes collaboration and team efficiency to a new level. Marketers and agencies can take reports and manage deadlines very easily by using Wrike services. Wrike offers plans for everyone with plans starting from $34.60 for a month for a user, for marketers, which in our opinion is worth every penny as it saves so much of hassle and the pain of updating everyone in the team on deadlines.

Wrike offers iOS & Android apps along with email integration for the team. Real-time news feed enables all the members of the team to be up-to date with the new advancements on the project. Discussions and chart sharing wasn’t this easy over a distance before, with members all over the world, Wrike offers team meetings to be conducted seamlessly with great workload management options & discussions panels. Team members can create and interact with Gantt charts put up by other colleagues. If you are one of those never touch the mouse type of people, Wrike is there for you.

One of the most informative tests of any company is how they interact with their customers. Wrike is there for its customers when they are in trouble. With basic getting-started guides to webinars, Wrike offers extensive customer support, along with the usual email, call & social support.

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