Wearable Futon for Japanese to Sleep like a Baby in Office

by Shruti Shree

Inemuri (Japanese word for sleeping on the job) is a common sight in the Japanese offices. And outlandish as it may sound, but people in Japan will be able to Wear a Futon in office and hit the snooze button for a peaceful sleep. This idiosyncratic product has been made by “King Jim”, the leading supplier of office equipment in Japan. The futon suit is puffed and made of polyester, and can be worn on your office clothes. As if the cushiony futon was not enough for a good slumber, a thin mattress which can be inflated with a hand operated pump has also been provided for extra comfort. The best feature of the futon is its capability of being folded into a petite box which measures only 315*135*230 mms! The box because of its size similar to a Japanese printed paper can fit in almost anywhere, be it your shelf or your drawer.

Japanese companies who want their employees to stay in office till the wee hours might be keen on buying this product, so as to promise good quality (however little) sleep for their employees. But the Wearable Futon also might be used by people who have reached office early, or who want to take that rejuvenating power nap in the afternoon for increased productivity. On days when natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons hit Japan, and you cannot go home as local transportation has been shut down for hours, you can use the wearable futon to stretch yourself and relax a little. The product will be up for sale on September, 26 and the priced at 4500 yen (US $ 44.50) which is quite reasonable we must say.


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