Wapix YJMM a rather unique photoframe

by Dhiram Shah

Another masterpiece from Jean Louis Frechin showcased at the International Milan furniture show is the Wapix YJMM a duo of ‘chrono-pictographic’ frames. These frames display moments, places and situations rather than snapshots. Wapix JMYM enables the continual flow of pictures from one frame to the other. By moving the frames apart in space, the speed of image flow is regulated. The farther apart, the swifter the flow of one picture to the next. The screen displaying these pictures is translucent, which gives the image the quality of a digital ektachrome. It is sensitive to surrounding light, and this also gives a specific visual quality to pictures, unlike that of the standard screens that occupy living space.
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It is composed of two translucent screens, a back-lighting system and proximity sensors destined to transform the object into a regulating interface. With onboard Wi-Fi the frames cn retreive images from a nearby computer as well.

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