Volvo’s Roam Delivery concept lets your courier be delivered directly to your connected car

by Sayan Chakravarty

In the last few years, quite a few automakers along with major technology companies have announced their plans with connected car technology, and we believe it will become a huge thing in the foreseeable future making a lot of our daily routines hassle free. At the upcoming Mobile World Congress, Volvo will demonstrate their Roam Delivery service concept which has been developed in partnership with Ericsson that brings your purchases to your vehicle wherever it’s parked. The idea behind the concept is, a lot of times taking delivery of a courier turns into a headache as it gets difficult to co-ordinate with the delivery agents. This service will make it easy for both the delivery company as well as the person who has made the purchase.

How the Roam Delivery concept works is: when you make an order online and chose your vehicle of choice as the drop-off, a courier is given GPS coordinates to that location and a one-time use digital key. After accepting the delivery via smartphone or tablet, the digital key gets activated which gives the courier an access to the trunk, and digital key gets de-activated once the goods have been placed inside and your car is locked. As of now, it’s just a concept and is under trial, so Volvo hasn’t announced any retail partners, but it soon might become a reality.


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