Volvo develops inflatable, portable and incredibly safe car seats for kids

by Gavril Mankoo

Installing a kid’s seat in a car to enable toddlers to enjoy their ride a little better isn’t new and parents around the globe have been investing small fortunes in these simple detachable modifications to their beloved rides. The folks at Volvo’s Concept Center in Los Angeles have redesigned the conventional kid’s car seat with a concept that’s extraordinarily practical and fantastic! The concept seat functions just the way a regular seat for kids in cars works, except the fact that it’s inflatable. This obviously makes the seat extremely easy to carry around and use whenever required.

To prove its portability, Volvo has used all its engineering and design brains to have this seat deflate and fit into a regular-sized handbag! Unlike most kids’ car seats that are bulky, difficult to move and mount and quite heavy too, this concept by Volvo is as easy to use as it gets and will inflate and deflate in 40 seconds with a built in electric pump. Volvo Cars hasn’t announced any plans to mass produce these inflatable seats or have them hit store-shelves any time soon. The concept is good enough to turn into a hot seller though and a seat like this could do well particularly during the baby boom months!


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