Virgin Galactic space flight bookings open at $200k

by iona

The Virgin Group always seems to be at the forefront of groundbreaking ideas, and this is no exception. Virgin Galactic is now offering you the chance to experience some G force and rocket into the great unknown. Customers who can afford the USD 200,000 price tag on a single ticket will be put through a three-day training session at Virgin’s Spaceport in New Mexico to weed out the men from the boys and “ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared” to be propelled into space. Customers keen to reach infinity and beyond are from all walks of life – from trust fund teens, to a 78-year old grandmother.

Over 340 passengers with Virgin Galactic will experience 3.5 Gs of force as they jet into space at 2,600 mph, reaching an altitude of 360,000 feet and staying there for five minutes to enjoy feeling out of this world with weightlessness.

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