Vintage oak Skee-Ball machine from grandpa’s era up for sale for $6,995

by Gavril Mankoo

Unbelievably so, there was a time when the world wasn’t obsessed with video games, smartphones and tablets. Instead, people of these era indulged in some pretty charming pieces of entertainment that manage to grab eyeballs even today, like this vintage Skee-Ball machine we spotted lately. Completely restored and maintained well, this vintage arcade game used to be one of the best past times in the days gone by. Sporting a good ol’ oak design, this Skee-Ball machine screams vintage and is up for sale! With a price tag of $6,995, this Skee-Ball machine is perfect for your man-cave, game room or bar and is probably one of the oldest of its type currently out there, and still in shape to be used.

No longer do you need to visit old run-down amusement parks to play your favorite vintage arcade games. Simply pick this antique piece of gaming from Restoration Hardware and have your friends and family marvel at it forever! Also, given the fact that this Skee-Ball machine weighs a good 750 pounds, we suggest you keep your friends close and ask them for a helping hand in return for a shot at this game. Merry times lie ahead with this granddaddy of games!


[Via – Technabob]

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