US Army to block soldiers from accessing social networks

by Gareth Mankoo

Twitter, Facebook and MySpace have always been the forerunners when it comes to building up a whole new world besides the real one. Social networking has built new windows for people to open themselves up and open up to everyone, everywhere. However, just like how our corporations steal this brilliant source of refuge from us and enforce us to bury our heads in spreadsheets all day long, our soldiers are likely to face the same fate. According to a report US Army is on its way to end the social networking bliss that the soldiers have been enjoying, on government computers. This will surely bring a stop to a great deal of interaction that soldiers have with their families, friends and civilians who want to know what’s happening out there.

This news has come in with an air of belief contrary to the news that we had heard some months back, about how the army wishes to interact better with civilians and keep them updated about all their activities on the field.

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